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Ghana is a country experiencing strong growth, which enjoys the positive effects of both political and social stability. The economic setup is open to foreign investors, thanks to an efficient system of benefits including a beneficial tax regime and a well-structured and rapid bureaucratic system. Agriculture and mining of mineral resources, oil and gas are the leading sectors, but there are also excellent investment opportunities offered in ICT (Information, Communication and Technology), construction and tourism.


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Frequently asked questions

What are economic sectors experiencing the most growth in Ghana?


The main forces of the Ghanaian economy are in the construction and manufacturing industries, agriculture and the extraction of minerals and hydrocarbon resources. There is also a huge investment opportunity in the services industry.

What are the requirements to open a company in Ghana?


The Ghanaian system is open to foreign investors from around the globe. The bureaucratic requirements and related costs vary depending on the type of activity and the corporate set up which are however competitive.

What support does the consulate offer to who would want to invest in Ghana?


The Consulate has the aim of encouraging the development of Italian business ideas in the Ghanaian territory. The consulate provides structured support, services and advice in both the consulting and start-up stage.

From Italy to Ghana,
four success stories

Four entrepreneurial adventures leading to tens of thousands of jobs. Two countries: Italy and Ghana, connected by a cultural and human bridge. Four success stories of a great passion: Africa. Consar Ltd, De Simone Ltd., Barbisotti & Sons Ltd and Trasacco Group of Companies are the companies that have contributed significantly to the economic growth of Ghana for over half a century by undertaking development activities over the years which has caused them to become leaders in the real estate, agricultural, commercial, and industrial; and service industries. Four families driven by fierce Italian entrepreneurship.


Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone has acted at the leadership level of the Trasacco Group for some years now, as the Chief Executive Officer of Casa Trasacco limited, and who has been increasingly been called upon to act on behalf of the Chairman his Uncle Ernesto.

Along with his cousins, they have taken over the reins of the family business to continue a dream started by the current Chairman Ernesto Taricone.

Although born in Italy, Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone has always been in love with the Ghana thanks to the stories recounted by his grandmother and his Uncle Ernesto. His love for the African country has grown over the years, getting him to settle there and to contribute to the economic and social development of the Ghana.

The services of the Consulate

Passport Services


At the consulate you may submit requests for new Ghanaian passport or the renewal of existing passport

Visa application


Visa application for tourist or business visits, with different durations (single or multiple entries, valid for 3 or 6 months)

Consular Certificates


The consulate legally authenticates various types of documents with legal validity: baptism certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificate, graduation certificates, etc.