Technology, sports and tourism.
Ghana is ready for new challenges

Economic growth sustained in a stable political and social environment, financial and fiscal frameworks open to foreign capital, young and abundant workforce, favourable geographical location. These are the main features that make Ghana extremely attractive to those who want to invest in a new venture. Following the more traditional sectors, such as agriculture and the extraction of raw materials, on offer are also significant business opportunities in ICT, construction, sports business, retail, and tourism.

The political, social and economic Framework

After a period of decline due to the negative effects of the international crisis, the economy of Ghana is picking up again. In 2017; it is expected to have a GDP growth above 8%. The leading sector remains that of agriculture, which accounts for 30% of its gross domestic product, followed by the extraction of gold, minerals, oil and gas. In recent years, however, there has been a significant reinforcement of the service sector, mainly related to tourist services. In support of the strengthening Ghanaian economy is a strong political and social setup. The Constitution of 1957 birthed a presidential republic which guarantees the continuity of democracy. Most of the international indicators, certify Ghana as a moderate and stable country.

Nana Akufo Addo, President of Ghana. In office since Jan. 7, 2017

Centrality geographical and infrastructural links

In the context of the West African countries forming ECOWAS, Ghana is centrally located its geographical perspective. This also guarantees a central economic advantage which extends to in a market of about 350 million people. Furthermore, the presence of excellent air and sea links makes it easy to trade with Europe and the United States of America. Domestically, the infrastructure has now reached a good level of development, ensuring speed and efficiency in the movements of both of persons and goods.

The country’s location ensures Ghana economic importance

Job market

Over the years, the government of Ghana has built a financial and fiscal environment which greatly favors investors, including foreigners. The country has a stock exchange and a number of reputable financial institutions (banks and other institutions). The bureaucracy is straight forward and start-up costs of a new business are competitive as well as the tax burden. To think that the rate on exports to Europe and the US is 0% enough incentive. Furthermore, foreign entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to open non-Ghanaian companies with 100% ownership.