Trasacco Group, proud to be Italian

Recounting the history of Trasacco Group is to immerse yourself in the epos of the Taricone family, which began in 1968, when Ernesto Taricone, together with his father and two brothers, left the small town of Trasacco Abruzzo and moved to Ghana- West Africa.

He’s only twenty years he has a strong entrepreneurial inclination, which allows him to immediately seize development opportunities in the Ghanaian industrial, pharmaceutical, mining and real estate sector.

Ernesto Taricone has been a real pioneer because he managed to draw potential from an economically premature territory and over the decades has involved the people of Ghana in the slow and gradual process of industrializing the country, starting from the housing sector (real estate complexes, office and hospitality).

Since the nineties, work begun at the Trasacco Valley project; a prestigious residential area a few kilometres from Accra (capital and nerve centre of Ghana) has been ongoing. In this location are charming villas, lush parks, shops and restaurants that transform the area into a jewel for living and leisure which gives you the feeling of being in a place where dream and reality merge.

The founding company of the Trasacco Group is Trasacco Estate Development Company, specialized in the construction of complex real estate projects and which over the years has secured the assistance of highly qualified professionals in the real estate sector. At the moment, the Trasacco Estate Development Company manages primary prestigious and strategic projects for Ghana.

Among the most important works, are the construction of the football and hockey stadium in Accra and the construction of Villaggio Vista, the tallest residential and commercial building in Ghana, which has among it; luxurious apartments with all the comforts.

Thanks to a remarkable entrepreneurial ability, The Group, has expanded and acquired other companies, including Ital Prestress (which produces concrete) and Royal Aluminium Systems, leaders in Ghana in the production of aluminium doors and windows

Casa Trasacco is the charm of the Trasacco Group and leader in the distribution of the best Interior design products and building materials manufactured in Europe for hotels like the Hilton and corporate offices like FAO, UNICEF, ERICSSON and the WORLD BANK.

Also part of Trasacco Group is Empire Builders (Ghana), which manages 150,000 acres of land.

In the Agriculture sector, Ernesto Taricone owns Sant Agata Agricultural Property of Baron Taricone Ltd with over 52,000 acres of plantations dedicated to pineapples, bananas, and other agricultural products and another 2,103 acres destined to the development of touristic sites in the ​​Ada area (the Maldives of West Africa)

In Ghana, The Taricone family also owns a private airline, Gulfwing Aviation Limited, based at the Kotoka International Airport. The majority of customers who use these flights are delegates of the oil and gas companies operating in Ghana.

The founding value of passion, creativity and competence of the Trasacco Group within Ghana is what has been able to build a strong empire that employs a workforce of about 4,000 people.