Muntari gate: H. Consul of Ghana to Italy Taricone addresses to Italian Chief of Football

Dear Mr. President Tavecchio, Dear Mr. President Malagò,

It is a true honor to write to you today, I offer my highest admiration to you and to the institutions you represent. I am writing to you about the acts of racism suffered by our fellow countryman mister Sulley Muntari. Concerning the event, we find ourselves unanimously in agreement to condemn those experiences that remind one of a horrible and violent history of abusive deportations and slavery. As during the times of these horrible pages of history, just as a victim of abuse tried to raise his head with pride and cry out for his primary dignity, comes another umpire to put him back in his place, mocked and silenced. Dear Mr. President Malagò, Dear Mr. President Tavecchio, do you not have the impression that this is what has happened on this occasion? I know my example may sound severe. But so is the disdain of our people and the indignation and embarrassment of the great Italian community living in Ghana. I am guessing that these regulations are made up of a series of bureaucratic obstacles, but here is a need for an exceptional and extraordinary act that only exceptional and extraordinary people can carry out, so I am kindly but very strongly asking you to do so that the disqualification of the player is lifted to give a strong message against racism and injustice at the national and international level and to bring some comfort to the good people who at this moment feel a great discomfort. I urge you; let’s not lose this opportunity to demonstrate how great of Corporate Italy is, and those who manage it.

Renewing my highest respect, I am certain of a prompt action, and I remain at your complete disposal for any further insight necessary.


Massimiliano C Taricone H. Consul of Ghana to Italy